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Updated: Feb 3


All on 4 is heavily advertised as an ideal solution mainly because it’s cheaper to provide only 4 implants.  Unfortunately, if one of the 4 implants fails, that bridge is rendered useless.  That means that after going through the investment and the process of having implants placed and a non-removable implant bridge made, a patient would have to be down-graded to a removable denture because 3 implants can’t support the original design.   We utilise “All on X” which means typically 6 or more. Our goal is to have the most predictable, long-term success as possible, so we prefer to over-engineer rather than do the bare minimum. In a scenario where an implant has problems, a prosthesis supported by more than four implants can still be maintained and supported predictably and the patient does not have to wear a removable denture.

Traditionally, “All-on-4” hybrid dentures were made of standard denture materials -- acrylic teeth and gums. These are much softer than natural teeth, so the teeth will predictably wear down over time. Luckily for all of us, dental materials continue to improve, and there are far stronger, more lifelike options now. At Glenhaven Dental Implant, we pride ourselves on striving to provide the best, not the easiest or the cheapest. We want our patients to be thrilled with their results, and we want those beautiful results to be able to hold up for a very long time.


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