Updated: Mar 5

Investing in yourself yields positive results, and the patients of New Teeth Now are a testament to that. One of the most frequent phrases we hear from our patients is “I got my life back.” Let them explain how a dental implant transformation restored their joy of eating, returned them to good health, and brought them newfound confidence.

Those with tooth pain or missing teeth are well acquainted with the troubles associated with eating.

Dentures usually restore only 20-25% of the patient’s original bite force, which severely limits the types of food that can be eaten. Denture slippage can be an obstacle to biting and chewing as well, and any rubbing against the gum line or bone can cause pain. The denture’s coverage of the palate can also inhibit taste ability and even cause loss of appetite.

With dental implants, these problems nearly vanish altogether. Full-mouth dental implants that support teeth can restore up to 85% of your original bite force, with no rubbing or slippage at all.

In many cases, tooth loss/decay goes hand-in-hand with bacteria and oral infection. Harmful bacteria can invade the body through the gums and lead to many health issues beyond tooth loss. If lost teeth aren’t replaced to support the jawbone, the gums continue to recede, potentially inviting more bacteria to enter the bloodstream.